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Embryo - Chaotic Age

Great Debut Album - 80%

Legend, May 2nd, 2006

"Death/Thrash Metal with melodic keyboards inserts". This writing on the inside of the booklet explains well what Embryo has got to offer... and they do it fucking really well.
The album starts with an Intro, which builds the atmosphere for the titletrack, "Chaotic Age". This one kicks off with a killer riff and some great screaming vocals from Roberto, which soon turns into a very deep growling supported by some great keyboard melodies.
Then comes "What Lies Behind My Hate", once again a nice track, with some interesting riffs and solo fills by Uge.
"Disturbing The Silence" is a strange track, based on a less powerful mood, and in my opinion the worst on the album. It's not bad at all, but definitely not in Embryo's style... clean vocals don't belong on this album.
"Precious Existence" and "Kill Your Gods" follow the mood of the first two tracks, so death/thrash metal with mixed screaming and growling vocals, supported by nice keyboard melodies and aggressive riffs. The opening riff on "Kill Your Gods" deserves a mention, very nice. Also a mention goes to the short bass/keyboard solos on "Precious Existence".
Then comes "Nuclear Healing", the best track on the album in my opinion. It's very aggressive, powerful and fast, with great choruses and keyboard parts. It's a great song to bang your head on, pure death metal!
In "I'll Watch You Die" Roberto focuses on growling vocals, and the result is quite good: the mood of the song is a bit darker than the other songs' one.
"Words Of Ancient Wisdom" is an average track, not many things to mention here... it surely isn't a bad song, but definitevly worse than the others.
The next song, "Prelude To The End", is just a piano solo which introduces "Drowning In Blood", a great track in Embryo's style. It's the longest on the album but since it has got so many powerful riffs and melodies it doesn't ever get boring. The album ends with "Inhuman Anger"... and the title says all: pure death metal, fast as hell and with awesome screaming vocals.
In the end, a good album overall. There are only two "average" songs, all the others are great... so my advice goes to all of the Death/Thrash Metal fans who are reading this: if you can get a copy of this album buy it, it's surealy worth its price.