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One of the Best Slam albums of 2016 - 98%

Fleshoath, November 23rd, 2016
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Morbid Generation Records

Embryectomy was a band that I instantly got into upon first listen. The 2014 promo was the bands first introduction to the world, and pretty much all brutal guttural death/slam fans got hooked on its sound. As me being one of those people, I instantly got excited for the next release from this band. After a brutally orgasmic 3 way split and another promo, this band released what I hoped they were going to, a full length album. And here it is in all its infant shredding glory: Gluttonous Mastication of Embryonic Remnants.

This album leaves almost no introduction, except for the short but sweet sample that plays on the first track that leads into the whole point of this record: the slams. The slams on this are certainly some of the best you will hear this year. The bass is just as important as the guitar on this release, both work together to create pounding sections and grooves that drive your fist into someone's face. The riffs being done on the guitar and bass both are satisfying and simply slamming. Its not always chugging though. Sometimes there are riffs that require tremolo picking and these usually occur when the speed of the song picks up, via a blast beat. These are great as well. The tone of the bass and guitar are what you would expect; the primary focus is the low end and deeply rhythmic and brutish. Never doubt the tones and slams on this album, they are ferocious! A great example of one of the best slams on this album would be halfway through the second track "Prostitute Skullcap Pulverizer". The way the bassist slides his hand up the neck before the slam is just award worthy. Pinch harmonics are used sparingly and spread perfectly around the album as well as the breakdowns. There are not many breakdowns but when they are there they drive things even more insane.

The drums are nothing but spot on, and accurately define what slam drumming should sound like. They are programmed, but it is extremely hard to tell. Its like Vulvectomy's album "Abusing Dismembered Beauties": you wouldn't know for sure unless you looked it up. The cymbals, especially the china really stand out and just help this album pummel you. The double kicks are nothing out of the ordinary, and the snare tone is more on the fat side then the tight side. Personally, I prefer a tighter snare skin but the snare doesn't take away from the experience at all, it just sounds like a punch in the face instead of a trash can being hit. The drums play with a bunch of different tempos all of which are satisfactory, including the super fast double kick flurries.

The vocals are dry, deep, guttural and stay the same throughout this release which is exactly how to do it. This guy heaves, squeals and burps his way through the album flawlessly. Some of the patterns this guy gets up to with his voice are brutal to a extremely high degree.

Brutal is a word I could use to sum up this record. But I think ultra brutal is a better one. This album starts and ends with two abusive ass slams that are out for your blood. And your infants blood. This delivered on all the levels I was hoping, Embryectomy delivered what I needed. This is a must have 2016 slam album. Cheers my friends and long live Embryectomy.