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Embryectomy > Flamethrower Ecdysis > Reviews
Embryectomy - Flamethrower Ecdysis

Not a terrible sequel - 79%

GuardAwakening, November 24th, 2020

When I first heard Gluttonous Mastication of Embryonic Remnants, saying I was absolutely blown away is an understatement. That album is bar-none the absolute most magnificent Cephalotripsy loveletter to exist. While there is a big, big handful of groups found within the slam death metal genre that are heavily Cephalotripsy-influenced (Epicardiectomy, Syphilectomy, Pestilectomy and Cerebral Incubation just to name some) and while I do feel like a fair amount of bands that carry a spoonfull of the band's inspiration over to their sound are remarkably charming in their own way, Embryectomy's debut cannot be matched in that category. Listening to Gluttonous Mastication for the first time was an unreal experience. I can perhaps most-accurately describe it as that feeling I got when I hear Uterovaginal Insertion of Extipated Anomalies for the first time; that perverse, gross feeling I got while also nodding my head and simultaneously being intrigued all at once, so amazing. Embryectomy was the only other band besides Cephalo to do it for me.

Of course creating a sequel to something so amazing would prove difficult, but these two Greek geniuses took it upon themselves to create a second album during a 4-year duration. I'm glad they didn't rush things, but at the same time I didn't have high expectations for a follow-up to their blockbuster of 2016. Flamethrower Ecdysis shines mostly in a slightly improved-production job and a slight diversity when compared to their first album (as much diversity as slam will allow), but at the same time it just doesn't leave the same impression on me as they did before. Slow churning sludgy slam riffs gliding over punchy programmed drums while Kiriakos Destounis vomits sewage over the resulting product isn't quite as fun as I remember it being. I'm not saying this record is bad by any means, just merely reiterating my experience firsthand.

It's obvious that the band have actively been trying to gear themselves toward the beatdown hardcore market as of late. Their associations with the German beatdown stars Spawn of Disgust have been apparent of this—their drummer performed a live song at one of their sets not too long ago and their vocalist makes an appearance on a song here. Considering Emrbyectomy sounds absolutely nothing like beatdown, or any form of hardcore for that matter, I cannot find any reason why they'd be interested in trying to desperately enter that scene. Nevertheless, Janosch's verse on the song "Murderous Proclivity" provides one of the more memorable moments on the album, graced by his growly shouts and tough-guy demeanor brings a quality of personality that the band doesn't otherwise possess. Virtually all slam is devoid of personality, but that's the way it should be; it's one of the biggest distinctions of the genre versus deathcore and other variants of heavy breakdown-based music.

Sounds samples and intros are plentiful here, while the debut contains about 2 samples total, there's about 4 or more here; the most notable being the long trap beat intro placed before the first riff on the first track which doesn't feel out-of-place. That's why I like this record; it's a reminder of what slam should be, which is brain-dead moronic music and I mean that in the best way possible. No better than a trap intro to convey the memo that what you're in-for is absolutely idiotic caveman wigger-induced brutality and it doesn't let up in that regard. With 9 tracks in total hopefully you'll be satisfied. Oddly I don't believe I have yet addressed the weaknesses of Flamethrower Ecdysis but to sum up my feelings I guess I can ultimately say it's hard to pinpoint what I do or don't like the most without being confusing. There's just some sort of spirit or atmosphere I feel like is lacking here when compared to the band's previous material and I can't quite really say what it is. While I do feel as if the slight-riff variations here are nice, the simplicity felt a tiny bit better on Gluttonous Mastication where most the album is entirely slams save for about 2 or 3 songs nearing the record's end that decides to speed things up with some tremolo sections to give the thing some assortment. Also don't take "variance" or "assorment" the wrong way, Flamethrower Ecdysis is absolutely a record that is made-up of about 87% slam riffs or more. That much isn't different.

Aside from the Spawn of Disgust feature, some sound samples, a trap intro and some improved production with louder vocals, this album is nearly the same affair as the debut just without some of the charm that it carried. I definitely enjoy this album, but being as huge of a fan the band's first record made me I guess I just have to state the juxtapositions here. That debut is amazing, while this album is good—maybe even great—and I definitely recommend everything by this band as an ideal slam death metal unit. If this record was full of tremolo riffs and shouty hardcore vocals I would definitely be way more upset but thankfully that's not the case and hopefully never will be. Thanks for keeping the genre what it should be.