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Very good - 85%

Raine, August 21st, 2004

Within is an album of nicely composed melodies and a great overall atmosphere and has always been my favorite album of its genre.

The main theme here is suffering, grief, hopelesness but with elements of romance and hate strongly present. At its worse the angsty lyrics are a bit silly to my taste, but fits very well with the music nonetheless.

The music is heavily keyboard based and it focuses more on being melodic and beautiful, but it does not entirely lack good guitar riffs. And it even occasionally has its short moments of mayhem and rage.
But if you expect lots solos or something uberly technical, you'll get disappointed. This is not that kind of music.

The easiest and most likely reason to hate embraced is the vocals. The screaming at times may be annoying to some, but is far far more tolerable than Dani Filth's for example.

This album is very strong as a whole and each track has something to give, but few of the tracks are really outshined by the others and make them look like fillers.
Best tracks: Nighttime Drama and Within Me