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Raw And Evil - 90%

slasher47, February 6th, 2012

I got this LP as soon as it came out, hoping it would be just as good as their previous full length "Atonement Ritual", and I ended up liking it more. Embrace of Thorns never fails to stay evil throughout the duration of their LPs, and that is what I like most about them. They have a style of death metal that to me sounds...smooth. This album reminds me of Darkthrone's "Soulside Journey". There is lots of tremolo picking, a dark and evil atmosphere, with an occasional black metal guitar riff.

The drumming on this album is very clean, but with a raw mix. The vocals are low, have reverb, with not much contrast at all, but it goes great with the sound of the instruments. This album does not wear itself out due to the sound staying consistent throughout the whole album. This is an easy album to get an atmosphere for, while only some riffs are memorable, and the others are their just to contribute to the dark and evil sound and the very "riffy" song structure. This album has a lot of riffs, which is why it does not get worn out. There are a couple interludes throughout the album that contribute to the feel, and make it interesting and its own.

Overall this is an evil album, not boring, nice and raw, and different.