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Vastly Underrated - 100%

FagsAreGay, June 18th, 2006

For a band with such extreme Christian roots, mid-paced death/grind never seemed so compromising…or so underrated. Surprisingly, this hell of a talented band has never gained the attention it deserves, and its musicians, individually, the credit they lack. ‘Embrace the Eternal’ should be proclaimed as one of the best death/grind albums ever, yet it has always failed to receive this kind of attention because of – ironically – their main selling point: their deep roots in Christianity.

Embodyment's flaws lie in that (1) their style through the eyes of far-gone Christians may be to the opposition of their own "sanctified" souls, as well as (2) the unwillingness to listen to this Christian band by extremist “blasphemous” metalheads. ‘Embrace the Eternal’ is, therefore, shadowed beneath the closemindedness of both parties; and that is why this album (and band) have never broken free from the status of underground obscurity.

As chaotic as this album is, it should be approached carefully because of the dissonance throughout just about every song. This dissonance is nowhere near annoying for the experienced metalhead and actually is the prime construction for their sound. Yet, despite this, the structure of every song is fairly simple. ‘Embrace the Eternal’ does not rely on off-time signatures and syncopations that tend to become very annoying very fast. This, in itself, is a key point to what makes this album so attractive and different among its category.

The musicianship throughout the entire album is superb and allows everyone the chance to shine through in their own ways:

The vocals, performed by Kris McCaddon, are similar to Legion’s (Marduk), and convey the messages and outrage of the lyrics with such intensity.

The bassist mainly plays what the guitarists play, and is just to serve as the substance to uplift the guitars.

The 7-string guitars Embodyment is mostly known for are clearly evident here, as on this album the guitars are tuned to G. The guitarwork consists mainly of mid-paced to fast riffs, powerful, yet insane chords, and a mass of quick-fingered palm-muting. All add up to a great performance by both guitarists.

And then there are the drums which really stand out and only make this album all the more worthwhile to listen to. Mark Garza pulls off some amazing and simply ingenious drumwork, and then some. ‘Embrace the Eternal’ could never have been such the massacre it is without the hammering of Mark Garza behind the kit.

Embodyment have crafted together a timeless metal classic which, sadly, has never had at all the acclaim it deserves. ‘Embrace the Eternal’ is a testament to intense and diverse music everywhere, and should be looked upon for what it truly is: a masterpiece.