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Blasphemous Christians - 90%

blastfome, August 29th, 2007

When I first really started getting into metal, I flirted briefly with the god-loving side of it. Embodyment's "Embrace the Eternal" had been one of my favorites at the time.

I've long since discarded that part of my collection, but on a whim decided to download this collection of tracks recorded before the aforementioned album, a couple weeks ago. Can't really say I was disappointed. This is by far the most brutal christian metal I have ever heard, and is just plain brutal in general. There is some pretty adept technicality displayed here, with lots of blasts and tempo changes. Thrown in are some pretty massive breakdowns and wicked guitar solos. If one didn't already have the knowledge of their christian background, they would never guess it upon hearing this.

Down with the lord or not, this is some pretty sick death metal, and definitely worth a listen.