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good grindcore fun - 78%

planiol, May 19th, 2009

I don’t listen to a lot of grindcore, so I don’t know what to compare these bands to. I think maybe I’ll just say that Embalming Theatre sound more “grind” and Putrescence sound more like death metal. Putrescence definitely have a heavier sound (low tuned guitars maybe), with lower, death metal sounding vocals. The different sounds provide a nice variety, and I find both sides of the record to be enjoyable.

Embalming Theatre is up first. One thing interesting about this band is that their songs are based on true events. Rather than just making up shit to sound gross like other bands do, they get their lyrical inspiration from fucked up stories in the news. Their songs on here are pretty catchy for grindcore. Keeping with tradition, the songs are very short. The first two songs (Baby in the Fridge and She Ate her Own Arm) are the best. Then there is a Heresy cover. I never heard the original, but this cover sounds good to me. This side is short and sweet. Short songs that tell fucked up stories. This is what grindcore is about. It definitely has a punk feeling to it, while also having sick vocals and lyrics. Kind of like Impetigo minus the movie samples.

There is something I need to mention, although it does not cause the album to lose points. Sometimes when Embalming Theatre are playing the fast grind parts, there is a snare drum sound like the snare sound on St. Anger. When I first heard it, I was like, "what the fuck?" But it doesn't do that the whole time, and it's not really annoying.

Next up is Putrescence. There is no punk feeling here. This sounds more like death metal, as I mentioned above. The songs are really short, and they kind of blend together when you’re listening. It seems like I’m only hearing two or three songs when I listen to this instead of four.

Good luck finding the Misfits cover. I am a Misfits fan, and I’m familiar with Green Hell, but I just don’t hear it here. I even made a specific attempt to hear it. I listened to the record and really paid attention. That time I heard something that I guess was supposed to be the Misfits cover, but believe me, it’s a stretch.

Anyway, I don’t find the Putrescence side to be quite as enjoyable as the Embalming Theatre, but it’s still fun to listen to both sides.