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Nobody Knows What's About To Happen... - 90%

h_clairvoyant, June 17th, 2010

Yet another female-fronted Gothic Metal band has surfaced, Elysion from Greece. Their songs are short, averaging just under 4 minutes. The music is vocally driven by the talented Christianna. For the most part, the music is pushed to the background and the choruses are big and loud.

Silent Scream is laden with incredibly catchy, memorable songs. They may not be the most original, unique creations, but within a couple listens, you may find yourself singing along. It is very accessible, approachable music, yet at the same time it carries the sadness and the dark element that one would hope to find in a gothic metal album.

Christianna's voice, however, stands out from your average gothic metal frontwoman. Where most vocalists of the genre have a softer, "angelic" voice, Christianna gives a more down-to-earth, powerful performance. Her voice carries the emotion that is very rare within this genre. Her command of the notes is very impressive and she really livens what could have been a boring album.

Also, atypical for a release like this, Silent Scream has guitar solos! I was incredibly surprised when out of nowhere, the guitarist goes wild. And not just once, there is a solo on almost every track (if not every). It was very unexpected and very welcome!

When I picked this one up, I was going in expecting a boring, two-listen-and-forget album. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find an album that both exemplifies and defies its genre.

Highlights: Killing My Dreams, Don't Say A Word, Walk Away