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Near Perfect Album - 99%

zecharas, January 7th, 2009

I am one those people who has never lost faith in Elvenking. I love Heathenreel, Wyrd, and The Winter Wake. I also enjoyed The Scythe, which was a large change in their musical style but at the same time, also incorporated some of their roots, but I never hated the album. Two Tragedy Poets (…And a Caravan of Weird Figures) almost completely goes back to those very folky roots of Heathenreel and Wyrd.

Two Tragedy Poets really displays how Elvenking is a very versatile and creative band. This album is primarily all acoustic but also incorporates a little bit of electric guitar as well. In my opinion, it contains some of the catchiest songs that Elvenking has written to date. Some of these are “Another Awful Hobs Tale,” which is catchy and fast-paced with a sing-along chorus (which I find similar to “The Perpetual Knot” and “Hobs an’ Feathers”). “Ask a Silly Question” is a strange song, but overall has taken “Petalstorm’s” place for my favorite overall song of theirs. “Not My Final Song” is one of the highlights of the album. It is a fast-paced song with another dreadfully catchy chorus and is very well put together. “Miss Conception” is the closer of the album (unless you own the digipack) and contains yet another catchy chorus and is one of the most beautiful songs Elvenking has done.

The album also contains acoustic versions of “The Wanderer” and “The Winter Wake,” both from the 2006 album, The Winter Wake. Both remakes are brilliantly put together and beautifully arranged. In some cases, I prefer the acoustic version of “The Wanderer” over the original. Damna’s vocals have become even better with the album and Elyghen’s violin work is even more astounding.

With two Tragedy Poets, Elvenking goes back to their roots but also has developed a new and different sound. This will more than satisfy anyone who loved Heathenreel and Wyrd and fans of the folk metal genre in general. If you hated The Scythe, than give this album the much needed chance that it deserves.