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Elvenking's triumphant return - 97%

Saryon, December 3rd, 2008

I'll be completely serious, I had no great expectations for this album. Although Elvenking is one of my favorite bands, it's hard to expect a good release from a band after an album like The Scythe. So, I had somewhat of a negative bias before I listened to this one.

These attitudes were completely unjustified, because this album absolutely blew me away. This album sounds nothing like The Scythe; Elvenking has returned to their previous, predominantly folk style, which is what we were all hoping for. During the track "Another Awful Hobs Tale", I had to stop and remind myself that I wasn't listening to Heathenreel.

You might want to be careful with this album though, some songs are so catchy that you might sprain your ankle from tapping your feet too much, especially during songs like "My Little Moon", or "Not My Final Song".

As promised, much of the guitar work is acoustic, although a few songs involve electric lead guitar lines, it makes for a nice mix. Damnagoras did a great job with the vocals on this album, and Elyghen's violin lines are extremely catchy. The drums also fit in with the songs very well.

All in all, this is a great album; for anyone who liked Heathenreel, This album is a must listen.