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Is this for real? - 10%

Zapovit, September 4th, 2007

For years I have been an elvenking fan and had nothing but respect for the band. But this release has made me take a complete 180 on them. This isn't power metal, this isn't folk metal, what this is, is trash. Utter trash, there is not one good track on this whole CD with the exception of poison tears and that's what gives this album a 10% instead of a 0%.

Now to discribe the music. This "Album" sounds basically like what you would get if you mixed dimmu borgir, slipknot, and elvenking with very little elvenking influences. The song The Divided Heart made me puke with it's terrible emo lyrics and awful music video. It's almost like they're aiming for a 12 year old MTV audience, selling out their original and amazing sound. Most songs are introduced with a spoken text. Now normally that would be... maybe.. okay... but this is just cheesy beyond cheese. The guy sounds like a total idiot. The vocals, yeah damnagoras's clean vocals are really good, but his harsh vocals are just lame. The use of synths on this album is ridiculous. It sounds like rave techno going on in the background of most songs. The break downs are borderline metal-core and the lyrics are just awful.

All in all save your time, save your money and most of all save your respect for this once awesome band, this album is their downfall to terrible. I am terrified to see what they release next. Mayhaps it will include a popular slipknot song cover. This album made me sick. If you're thinking "Can it really be that bad" the answer is yes.