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This is what powercore would sound like... Shit! - 10%

Nightwalker, March 28th, 2008

Well, this won't take too long... I don't know what they were thinking, but Elvenking really used to be one of the better power metal bands (actually, I'm only referring to "Heathenreal" here). This is just pure, well, shit actually. I expected better from these Italians... Again: what were they thinking?

First of all, Elvenking is now what can be called powercore (well yeah, just take the already existing term and put -core behind it, it seems to be very trendy nowadays). This just isn't power metal anymore, in any way. Powercore vocals (if you hear it, you'll know what I mean, but since I wouldn't recommend it: think high pitched and melodic power vocals in combination with typical metalcore chorus-styled backing vocals) in combination with irritating folky tunes, female whining and stupid intro's on almost every fucking song. Damn, I can't even stop myself from using obscene language... It's not that it isn't endurable, they surely will get loads of new fans, but being an ex-die hard power metal fan, this just is something 'old' fans won't take.

I really hate it when bands with potential (which they really have, I've seen them live and it was more then fairly enjoyable) waste this on trying to sound 'new' or 'original'. It's the faith lots of bands are victims of: Sonata Arctica, Freedom Call, Kamelot, Stratovarius and now also Elvenking... Pretty sad to see melodic power metal evolve in such a bad direction, hopefully this year will bring us some surprises (Leverage's latest samples sound promising!). Don't buy this, unless you're into bands like 3 Inches of Blood and Trivium, then maybe you might like it...