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"Night surrounds..." - 5%

HoDrakonHoMegas, August 17th, 2010

"...we're roaming through the shades of forgotten fairytales."

Yes, that sounds about right. Perfect for describing the feeling that "Scythe" will bestow upon you. Especially "Night surrounds..." part. So, what to say? What can I say that has not been said already? Should I tell you how disappointed I am? No, I don't think you care about that. Should I point out to Elvenking's musical and lyrical potential that you are all, I'm sure, very well aware of? Don't think so, no. Actually, come to think of it, there is no need to say anything. Their music (...and I'm giving it too much credit by calling it this) on "Scythe" album speaks for itself. However, allow me to indulge myself with couple of words, and share my point of view.

First of all, if this is your first time listening of Elvenking, know now that this is not it. Please, try no to judge their whole music by this particular standard. Not yet, anyway. There is nothing even slightly Elvenking-ly in whole god damn album. Yes, I know. They wanted to be original. They didn't wanted to repeat themselves, and all that shit. Let me just point out to them (like they care...) that consistency is not at all bad thing, especially if your previous work has proven to be something really good and worth mentioning in the annals of metal music. Furthermore, maybe it's just me being naive, but it seems to me that Elvenking honestly had no intention to sell-out themselves. They really wanted us to take this album like something honest and serious, and to consider their brave new direction a move worth of respect. Well, I would, if it would be so. Ironically, this whole thing is even more ridicilous because of that. And all that bullshit about not wanting to repeat themselves... Oh gods... If I had a coin for every time I heard that from a metal bands that destroyed their reputation with this kind of pitiful stuff. Newsflash, Elvenking. "Wyrd" after "Heathenreel", and "Winter's wake" after "Wyrd" wasn't all that "repeating ourselves-thing" either, wasn't it? But it turned out to be pretty damn good. So what the hell were you thinking this time?

As for music, it's awful. It has no cohesion whatsoever. It's scattered, ugly and what's worst of all, their recognizable, unique folk sound is so poor-timed and distasteful that I was starting to wonder whether this is even Elvenking, or just some "wannabe" guys that killed the rest of the band, but kept Damnagoras with gun on his forehead and forced him to sing. Quite appropriate explanation actually, because it would also explain some very, very bad singing parts from the abovementioned. So, the music stinks. Singing is bad. What of the lyrics? Is it something worth mentioning there? Hell, no! The whole forest/folklore-soaked concept is gone with the wind. Forget about that. No, not even a trace of it. The intelligent, individualistic, nature-respecting and pagan-like point of view are traded for what is seems to be a emo-like, teenage crap with rather shameful influence of worst pop stuff you ever heard. Many true things have already been said in previous reviews, so there is no need to write something else. All I can do is confirm it, and give you my best advice about this album. Do not buy it. Do not even listen it. Do not waste your time on it in any way. It's not worth of anyone's precious time. So much from me.

As I'm writing this, the new album "Red silent tides" is done and waiting release. I can only hope that Elvenking is still rightfully called "Elvenking", and that we will once again have music that will force us to put some old shoes on, and take a long walk through the old forests of the earth.

Oh, and by the way...
Even this 5% is not because of some present, but well-hidden quality of this album. It's just me being happy that they didn't change their logo, along with their music.