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Makes you want to yell "FREEDOOOOM!!!" - 95%

Damnation_Terminated, December 14th, 2007

This is the sort of music William Wallace would have listened to! You can absolutely guarantee that Wallace and his gang of crazy rebels would have had fun in a kilt-filled mosh pit just before going out to fight the English. One might even say that his army had a band similar to Eluveitie following them, just to psych them up before battle. And as he died, Wallace raised his hand in the metal sign and yelled "METAAAAAAAL!!!!!"

OK, so maybe that didn't happen (although Braveheart would have been an even more kick-ass film if it had been like that!), but with Spirit, Eluveitie have managed to capture the awesome epic feel and celtic folk sound that you get on the Braveheart soundtrack, and fuse it brilliantly with fast paced melodic death metal, to create a truly unique sound. I am a big fan of the folk metal sound, and I think Eluveitie have managed to top that genre with a slight sub-genre in itself - celtic metal!

Yes I know that there are other celtic metal bands out there, but none of them manage to pull it off quite so well. With "Spirit" you can actually imagine the band stood on top of a glen, with haggis, whisky and kilts, writing songs and music to get ready for recording (despite them being from Switzerland!).

Musically, Spirit has it all. The album soars from fiddle and flute to pipes, whistles and even a hurdy gurdy, combining effortlessly with guitars, bass and fast drumming. Songs like "Tegernako" and "Of Fire, Wind and Wisdom" are excellent examples of this, with death growling vocals, heavy fast guitars and drums blended beautifully with the celtic folk instruments. But the band also has a softer side, and female vocals come into play fairly often, calming the listener down just before the next blast of awesome metal.

I cannot recommend this album enough and I have even had some non-metal friends show an interest in it, as they seem to think of metal is some guy choking on a microphone while someone else murders their instruments. If you're into any kind of metal, you will probably appreciate this album and I defy any of you not to start jigging up and down at some point in the album.

If you'll excuse me for some reason I really feel like I need a glass of scotch right now...