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What is that, A tuba? - 95%

3aboood, February 13th, 2008

Surprisingly no, It's a Hurdygurdy. Yes you read it right! Played by Anna from Eluveitie.

Folk musicians emerge in the metal scene day by day but one artist truly holds their place as kings of modern folk metal, Eluveitie. Most of you might know them from their 2006 release Spirit with flutes and violins in the background, fast yet melodic guitars and smashing drums. Who wouldn't enjoy it!

Having heard Spirit many times over the 2 year period, it has struck me well enough to blindly know that a track played is Eluveitie. Their unique sound and instrumentals are hard to match. With Slania's promo disc leaked on the web, I've managed to have a listen.

Spirit starts off with an astonishing instrumental track named after the album, Spirit, full of flutes, folk-ish tunes and pounding drums. This track sets the mood for the album, showing the combination of different instruments in the metal genre.

The following track, Uis Elveti, has truely amazed me. What a great way to start off an album! The track slowly gets into tune by the first minute, as it nears the beginning of the second minute, the track begins to slow down and a blast beat pounds through the subwoofer! After listening to this track, a person should be convinced that this band holds the skill to make perfect folk metal. Thus named, The New Wave of Folk Metal. Although I have bad experiences with NEW WAVES OF METAL, one word will clear this up, Darkthrone. Or is it two words? Nevertheless, Eluveitie have truly shown what they're capable of.

Moving on to the third track onwards, one paragraph could explain them. How the harsh vocals blend in with the folk-ish tunes is a highlight in Eluveitie's music along with the instrumentals. The production is simply amazing, the tunes are more than enough to get you to bang your fucking head!

Aidu is one of the instrumental tracks in the album, which features flutes and female vocals. It acts as an amazing intro to the following track, The Song Of Life, which is a fast tempo-ed track with great riffs, harsh vocals and pounding drums.

Further more, the tracks in Spirit could be told apart from the other tracks. Meaning, all the tracks don't sound the same or aren't monotonous. The sudden acoustic/classical, down-tempo change in the tracks is what gets my hair on my arms stand up. Overall, I'm impressed!

Highlights: Tegernako, Aidu, Your Gaulish War, Of Fire, Wind and Wisdom