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Folked Up Dark Tranquillity? Yes Please! - 90%

Razakel, April 8th, 2008

Usually it takes most bands several albums to find the sound they wish to pursue. However Swiss folk metallers, Eluveitie, seemed to have nailed their niche with their debut album and pushed it even further with their latest offering, Slania. Few bands are able to fuse such quality folk music with such awesome melodic death metal to create something completely original. Maybe it’s the eight members (including two females), maybe it’s the inclusion of countless folk instruments, or perhaps the fact that many of the lyrics showcase the ancient dead language Gaulish. Who knows? Who cares? It works.

Slania offers twelve tracks, three of which are amazing, captivating instrumentals which add nicely to the atmosphere the album successfully creates. Even though Eluveitie, more or less, carry out a formula with their songs they also vary their sound. Examples include the ultra fast Bloodstained Ground, the chanted Elembivos, and the slower and more melodic Slania’s Song.

By reading the title of this review you might be asking yourself, ‘why Dark Tranquillity? Isn’t this a folk metal band?’ Right you are my friends. Perhaps I should address this. Eluveitie is indeed a folk metal band but clearly draw influence from melodic death metal, specifically the Gothenburg scene. I could have put in any band there but if I were to compare them to In Flames I may have scared off some purists. Nevertheless, the melodeth influences are present in pretty much any song. This includes catchy choruses (Inis Mona, Primordial Breath) and aggressive speeds (Bloodstained Ground). An epic guitar solo can also be heard on Elembivos.

There really isn’t much to complain about here. The vocals aren’t very varied but work fine for the music. The guitar is excellent and doesn’t drown out the folk instruments. This isn’t so much of a complaint as a personal wish, but I wouldn’t mind hearing more folk passages as they are my favourite parts of the album. What also deserves mention is the absolutely brilliant album cover. It may not look like much at first glance, but it’s actually among my favourite covers.

All in all Eluveitie have created a great second album with Slania. If you are a fan of folk metal I highly recommend you check this out. If you are not very familiar with the genre, it’s also a good starting point.