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Yeah, they still suck - 20%

linkavitch, May 31st, 2010

Oh look, another Eluveitie album. This is like their fifth album or something now, and to be honest it sounds like every other Eluveitie album. You could listen to the first three songs and get an idea of what the rest of the album will sound like. There's really no point in listening to half an hour of this senseless, baseless crap. If you’ve heard Vên, Spirit, or even Slania then you already know what Everything Remains as It Never Was sounds like. That’s just a gimmick title really, because Everything Remains as It Never Was sounds like every other Eluveitie album recorded. This is the same bare-bone crap they have been recording for almost ten years now.

For those of you who have not heard anything by Eluveitie, or know anything about Eluveitie you are lucky. Eluveitie play a watered down form of Gothenburg melodeath along with Celtic-y instruments in the background. It sounds like a bad combination right? Well, it is, and it’s also a boring combination. The Celtic instruments do not add anything to the actual music other than a few whistle or string instruments in the background that distract you from the weak songwriting. The songwriting just sucks completely. The songs all have the same sound to them, which make them all sound the same in the long run. The riffs are rehashed, and reused from previous Eluveitie songs. I always wondered how Eluveitie could release so many albums in such a short timeframe, but seeing how the riffs are reused album to album it makes more sense to me now. The riffs are not even that good to begin with. They’re just watered down melodeath with the occasional extreme metal influence ( i.e. metalcore sound).

The present metalcore influences bring out a more media marketed album, which Everything Remains as It Never Was is. For example, the vocals consist mostly or metalcore screams, sounding strained, and uninteresting. The choruses on the other hand, like the choruses in “Thousandfold” are sung in harsh vocals, and the choruses stay reminiscent with the poppy nature of metalcore. I do not mind catchy choruses, but the vocals in a chorus when it’s trying to be catchy shouldn’t be harsh and sound like screams. That’s why the choruses suck so much, not because they’re too catchy, but because the vocals kill them. It’s not just the choruses though; the vocals suck altogether with either the horrible performance by Glanzmann, or all the annoyingly worthless female vocals that make an appearance from time to time. There really is no point to have the female vocal parts. They do not fit in properly, and they do not sound that good either, so why have them in? “Quoth the Raven” has some of the most distorted, and irritating vocals on the entire album, and I mean enough to envy the deaf, really.

Eluveitie have evolved from a boring, uninteresting band, all the way to not only that, but to a horrible band that couldn’t write a song if their lives depended on it. Amazing I know. They do not have a single album worth hearing, and Everything Remains as It Never Was is another great example. There’s nothing else to say about any of this. This is just more of the watered down, mindless crap thats been released under the Eluveitie name for the past few years, and should be treated as such.