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Everything Remains As It Should Be... Good - 100%

KiltedOne77, May 24th, 2010

I, for one, have been enjoying Eluveitie's music for 6 or so years now and have not been disappointed in any release, and have made a point of owning all their albums, physical copies. I originally heard this album from a friend who had downloaded a poor quality version, which I listened to for awhile, and hated. Today, I finally got my hands on a copy of it in a local record store and popped it in right away....

I was blown away. I gave the album another chance and it feels a good bit like Slania with a bit more varied metal sound throughout. the folk aspect is strong as ever and the metal is a nice return to their original work, though I have high expectations for the next Evocation release. Eluveitie explores a lot musically, and I love it and give them kudos for doing so.

I've heard some people say that Eluveitie is just repeating itself but I highly dissagree. To some extent, they'll always have a distinctive sound, and the sound from Spirit and Slania, even Ven, shines through in this dark album. But there's the catch, the darkness. It adds a new aspect to the music of this album. Compared to their other releases, this album feels very dark and could possibly be considered a concept album, after reading through the lyrics, I think. These songs are heavy in the best ways, layered with beautiful folk melodies, heavy guitar work, and wonderful percussion, as per usual for this band.

The only song I could say diverts from the "heavy" feel of this album is Lugdunon, which has a much more upbeat feel. However, this song is still heavy and distinctively folk metal. The flute solo is absolutely stunning and the melodic guitars add something to the song that I've not heard in Eluveitie before this album. It adds a sort of delicacy to a heavy metal song; a gracefulness which has not been done by this group before. It's a wonderful metal ballad.

Songs like Everything Remains the Same as it Never Was, Thousandfold, Nil all flow together in sequence beautifully. Each one seems to hold aggression, passion, and musical ingenuity which build upon one another as you listen.

However, and I may be alone here, I feel as if the show stealer here is the song Quoth the Raven. Chrigel and Anna did an exquisite job putting this song together. It has a perfect beauty and the beast vocal mix, the verses are that perfect Eluveitie form of metal, as the chorus feels even better. The lyrics are beautiful, and the art behind this song, and album shows so well here.

The art and concept(s) behind this album may perhaps be my favorite ideas expressed in an Eluveitie album to date. The themes of tribal pride, losing one's culture to another, death, despair, etc have that gothic feel which is newer to Eluveitie's repertoire but are very, very welcome. Overall, this album is amazing, and I wouldn't have taken the time to say that everyone (even those who have dismissed this album as dull, bad, or otherwise) should I've it a shot. If you liked anything by Eluveitie before, I don't understand how this album can disappoint you.