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Elu of the Nine - Elu of the Nine

Darkest Drones - 89%

analog_winter, August 1st, 2011

Elu of the Nine’s self-titled demo is one of the darkest, most inaccessible releases I’ve ever listened to. This is drone/doom at its slowest and harshest with long, distorted chords, tortured vocals, and pure noise. Clocking in at around 70 minutes, this demo is a massive slab of blackened drone.

The music on this demo is as slow as it gets, with down-tuned, distorted chords droning on and on, burying you under a veritable boulder of heaviness. As the guitar and bass wash over you, you hear the shrieking, black metal styled vocals. This combination is very extreme and very dark. The music pulls you deeper and deeper into the void. At some points some alien-sounding synths oscillate over the droning guitars. The drums come in and play a minimal beat once and a while, but do not play a prominent part on this demo. Overall, the music flows together really well, and eventually you just get lost in the sound.

However, I have noticed that this demo does lack a some of replay value. While it is good drone, the songs are very similar to each other, and that they tend to drag on after a while. Even though the music written is good, the songwriting needs to be slightly more varied for a release of this length. Because of this flaw, I don't listen to this as much as other extreme doom releases.

I thoroughly liked this demo, and I think it is an excellent listen. However, it does suffer a bit from its repetitiveness. But it is dark, slow, and heavy, just like drone should be.