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"if Megadeth and early Anthrax had a baby..." - 87%

ReaperMan, January 6th, 2012

Miles above albums that have been put out recently by traditional thrash heavyweights, Melbourne’s Elm Street have crafted a masterpiece of a debut album in Barbed Wire Metal. These songs are so well-crafted and are delivered with an enthusiasm that is hard to find in the modern metal scene. The drums and lead guitars stand out, but the album is without faults performance-wise. Overflowing with fist pumping thrash metal anthems, Barbed Wire Metal is an uplifting listen in a genre often dominated by doom and gloom. Ben Batres’s Dave Mustaine-like vocals combine well with campy lyrics about horror icons and the worship of metal to create an album that is, more than anything, fun.

For my initial review of this album I described it as if Megadeth and early Anthrax had a baby, and that baby was awesome. The comparison still stands, but Barbed Wire Metal is even more of a triumph compared to releases this year by both of those bands. If only the thrash godfathers could sound as invigorated as this.