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Elite > Bekmørkt > Reviews > namelessheretic
Elite - Bekmørkt

needs improvement - 50%

namelessheretic, January 13th, 2006

Production: Rather close to that of Darkthrone's "Under a Funeral Moon"; the difference: the focus is not as much on guitars and some of the airy feel is not present.

There is some potential here. The first two tracks show an influence of "Under a Funeral Moon" in every sense, from melodies to drumming to mixing style. This, in itself, isn't a bad thing but leaves much to be desired as far as originality is concerned.

Melodies and guitar riffs are interesting enough, but again, the issue of each structure having so much Darkthrone influence causes these ideas to lose value.

Tracks three and four still hold the Darkthrone influence, but also incorporate others as well; Graveland in particular comes to mind. Again, great potential. Again, too much reliance on the mold created by others to make these songs particularly grabbing.

If this band can find an identity that is more their own than that of black metal's elite(no pun intended), the potential they hold may then manifest itself enough to thrust them out of obscurity into the forefront of modern day black metal.