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Welcome to Elis, Sandra! - 93%

Daniel_2007_Pendulum, March 29th, 2008

Well, Sabine Dünser died... That's sad, but I feel it's time to move on, keeping her in our hearts and receiving another female singer to keep Elis as one the best bands of the new millenium. And, to do that, this time we have the talented ex-Dreams of Sanity female vocalist, who is also the female vocalist of Siegfried (Austria): Sandra Schleret.

In order to show the world how the next album would be like with Sandra's voice, Elis, released this EP in the latter half of 2007. And its name is "Show Me The Way", maybe the most famous song of the previous album, "Griefshire".

Unexpectedly, this album became very attractive to the fans, who started looking for it everywhere since its release. Why? Well, maybe because the EP does not only include two versions of "Show Me The Way" sung by Sandra: it also includes the last three songs written and recorded by Sabine Dünser: "Salvation", "These Days Are Gone" and "In Einem Verlassenen Zimmer", being all of them also part of the "Griefshire" concept. Let's take a look at them.

The new versions of "Show Me The Way" (one full and the other an edit one) are completely different from the version included on "Griefshire". Sandra's voice is different from Sabine's, and I hope the band take advantage of it and create excellent songs for the fourth album.

"Salvation" is maybe the lost part after "The Burning" (let's remember that, during the verses of "The Burning", we can hear the choir singing ''Salvation!''). It's not as good as many of the songs of the album, but it's interesting anyway due to it's music-free first chorus (at the very beginning of the song).

"These Days Are Gone" is maybe the most strange song of the EP and the album. There are many reasons for that: the lyrics are the best, and the rhythm is a little different from the other songs. I still don't know why it wasn't included in the album; it must be because its part in the story is a little hard to find.

And, finally, the best song of the EP, and the 'sister' of "Forgotten Love": "In Einem Verlassenen Zimmer". It's also a guitar-and-drums-free song, only played with a piano and, differently from "Forgotten Love" that requires a violin, a harp. This song is slow, dark and sad, but not as "Forgotten Love".

CONCLUSION: The B-sides make this EP a jewel. So, if you're an Elis fan, or if you liked "Griefshire", what are you waiting for? Go and get it!