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God’s Silence Devil’s Temptation - 62%

anacrusis, January 27th, 2005

I was going through Elis’website the other day and I read something about Sabine’s (the main vocalist) musical background. Let me quote “I started singing in a choir at the age of 12 and I’m still singing in a choir because it’s good for hearing. I also studied 2 years classical singing”. Laugh Out Loud! I just came to the conclusion that Elis is one of those bands that includes a female vocalist for no apparent reason. This lady had 2 years of classical training but all she does on this record is trying to be even more annoying than Kylie Minogue. Why doesn’t she stick to her choir anyway? We already have enough pop singers on TV.
Since the main vocalist has nothing to offer, let’s focus on other elements of “God’s Silence Devil’s Temptation”. The industrial influences on this album are rather obvious (they even have the former member of Atrocity Martin Schmidt playing drums on 2 tracks). The most noticeable thing is definitely the distorted guitar riffs. The electronic/synthesized sound effects are never used in an excessive way. Sometimes they even sound like an orchestra playing in the background, providing a constant dark and melodic atmosphere along with the keyboards.
The band members should focus more on their individual performances though. After all they have two guitarists but they rarely shred. It’s a shame because the few solos on this album are actually pretty nice.
“Do You Believe” and “Devil’s Temptation” are definitely the best tracks. Can you hear the fast double-bass drumming and the growlings? These are the elements that give the harshness that lacks on almost the entire album. In fact, the guy who makes the growlings should be the full-time vocalist of the band.
“God’s Silence Devil’s Temptation” is not a great album but it doesn’t totally suck either. As I stated before, my major complaint is the female vocalist. The rest is ok but it needs to be worked over a bit. This album just sounds too radio-friendly.