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Thrash... Will Slay You - 90%

GrimFate, July 22nd, 2007

In the present year 2007, one wouldn't expect to find so many true thrash metal bands emerging. But think again. With the bay area regaining it's roots again, as well as Brazil and a handfull of other locations, many bands are comming out of the woodwork. Eliminator has the potential to put the East coast on the map once again for real thrashing metal.

Holocaust War Metal: Brutal blackened anthem in the vein of the Teutonic thrash forfathers with tons of killer riffs to rip your face off as well as some tasteful lead work.

The Punisher: Think Annihilator meets Venom. Again lots of catchy riffs and licks but this once goes on a more articulate path.

All in all this is damn close to a perfect first demo. The only thing that really is unapealing is the production quality. But granted, it is a demo... it should sound raw and show room for the band to grow as a whole.