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Classy Metal - 93%

emperorjvl, May 13th, 2005

Having heard Ian Parry’s amazing vocal job on Ayreon’s- Flight of the Migrator (the last song on that release), I decided to search out his band’s albums, and this one was the first I bought. So, while I cannot make any comparisons to previous works of Elegy, I can state that this is a very good Power metal record on its own right. Starting with the catchy “Icehouse”, the album never makes the listener lose interest. Ian’s non-operatic vocals are very refreshing in the late Dickinson way, and most of the songs on this album carry punch enough to match his voice. As a matter of fact, out of the ten tracks, eight are my favorites! The music can be described as catchy and thoroughly enjoyable- no dark passages or overt aggressiveness (which seems paradoxical, since this album has killer riffing and double-bass drumming. It just doesn’t come across as “violent”, in the way of, say, Sepultura’s Refuse/resist). I’d put this band in a “classy” metal category. Keyboards are used but not given much prominence (and sounding more spacey instead of the damned overdone piano/harpsichord sound), serving more to accent the guitarwork, which is good because I’m tired of Stratovarius clones!

If I were to nitpick, I’d say I would have liked the production to have more punch (louder drums, a razor sharp mix, and a bit shriller tone for the guitar). But this is just MY idealization of this release, and in truth the production is just fine as it is. I’ll leave it at that, and give this album high marks because it is an excellent release.

(originally written by me for still on hiatus as of May 13 2005)