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Boredom Today - 17%

ponyovdoom, July 8th, 2011

So.. Electric Wizard. This group have been praised to the sky by many many many of my friends. This should be awesome. Really something spectacular. So I thought, why not check out something from these guys? I did, and it was Witchcult Today I was recommended.. Along all the other albums.

So what is this all about? Electric Wizard are from England, and they've been around since 1998 and have since released seven albums, this being their sixth. All I can say after listening is.. What the hell?
This record is just.. Bad. I mean, Liz is pretty hot, but I do not see her when I am listening to this. It's a long journey through boredom. I felt like I was thrown into a cauldron somewhere, but what was in it with me wasn't sweet, it was sour spices.

Throughout this album (except from when listening to Dunwich) I just wished it to end.. Which it finally did after about an hour. Waste of time. It's an hour of decent riffs, just being played over and over again with some really annoying vocals put right behind the guitars. The vocals are clean and the guy singing really sounds like he wants to die, because life is so tight and pointless.. And he is pretty good at repeating him in these songs, making it even more annoying. It sounds like these guys had to fill in those vocals part to try and variate from the boring and endless riffing, but it doesn't help at all. Also, some small guitar gimmicks are being played along the riffs in the end of the songs, just to last them a little longer.. But why?!

The bass on this album is unfortunately not very present, and I would have loved if it could do something, come up with some solos or anything just to put some variaton from the vocals and riffing. I could say about the drumming, it's present though, but just hiding behind the guitar and singing. I guess these guys were really stoned and their manager came in "durr, you have to release a new album" and this was the result, pure filling boredom.
The production of the album.. It sounds like being in a cauldron, there is this kind of "round" sound to it, the guitar and vocals are at same stage, but clear enough, while the bass and drums are put in the background. The production could be better though, I feel like I am getting in a trance where I will just end up sleep.

I don't have much more to say about this album other than I really wasted my time listening to it, and that you probably will as well. This is just another overrated band, and trust me, I've tried to like this, but I simply can't. The boring vocals and riffs, the uncreative songwriting with too many repetitions parts are just too much. Along that, the songs are just forgettable, and what you remember (like the consistant "The Chosen Few", "Bloodlust, druglust, Count Drugula arise..." and "Our witchcult grows...") is really something you want to forget.
There are much better doom releases out there, go get them, this is just..