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Interesting Album, But Only Mediocre at Best - 62%

The SHM, February 19th, 2012

Dunwich saves this album, which, in its own right, is actually rather decent for a doom metal album. For one, it's been recorded using '70s equipment. That alone should maximize the Sabbathization of Electric Wizard, correct? Yes, now they just need to rename themselves Electric Sabbath.

Not by far. The whole album actually PEAKS at Dunwich, to the point it should have been the eponymous track. Yet, still, as I stated so strongly in the Dopethrone review, Electric Wizard has one minor flaw that just might be what prevents them from true metal breakout- they **really** cannot finish a song. Dunwich, the peak of the album, peaks itself at about 1:00 in. After 2 minutes, the song just repeats itself. That's the way most of the other tracks go on this album as well as Black Masses. In fact, it's almost become a staple of El Wiz that most of their songs start off for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes of original riffery and vocals and end with a repeating riff and often the same line chanted over and over and over and over and over and over and over for about 6 or 7. Sadly enough, any Black Sabbath-styled sound Electric Wizard might've been shooting for with Witchcult Today is subsequently killed off because of this.

No, Witchcult Today is a fine album by all regards. In fact, if you have time to kill (or stone), this is your album. It has more light-ended guitars that defines this third era of Electric Wizard without being overly heavy as Black Masses is. Still, unless you are a vinyl-exclusive metal head or El Wiz fanatic, it is best to simply stick to YouTube or Daily Motion to listen to these songs if you are interested. And if you're expecting Witchcult Today to be as heavy as Dopethrone or Come My Fanatics..., I will warn you now- it is not. Because '70s recording equipment was of a lower quality than modern items, while it may have been recorded as heavy as Dopethrone, it comes out almost soft and even a tad bit fuzzy at times. No insult to the Wizard, but opting for older sound equipment means that there is a price to pay.

Overall, it is decent, and even good at times. However, if you can't stand repetition, be sure to skip to the next song after the first three minutes play.