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Witches Sabbath - 97%

Eibon, June 5th, 2008

The sinister doomsters Electric Wizard are back with another monstrous slab of slow, brain bludgeoning riffs and grooves, fuzzed to the extreme and laced in sumptuous psychedelic overtones.

As with all Electric Wizard albums `Witchcult Today' has a unique atmosphere which is rather good indeed especially when every band these days sounds exactly the same with too much compression and triggered drums, thankfully both these things are notable in absence and instead with have that splendid atmosphere invoking images of black masses, horror movies, sideburns, lovecraftians tales and sabbaths.

The great riffs on the album, the tasteful and effective layering of the guitars and an equally compelling chorus hook makes this album a milestone in the history of Doom Metal. After the atmospheric and often psychedelic flow of "Black Magic Rituals" the album closes with the excellent "Saturnine", which thunders through a catchy main hook and ends with an all-out jam full of fuzzy soloing, trancelike sounds and atmospherics and of course a driving groove to earth it all.

Jus Oborn's vocals receive much more focus on this release and its perhaps his best performance yet keeping with the eerie and atmospheric vibe of the album. The drums and bass keep the groove loosely and imaginatively in places, exactly what's required.

The most notable aspect of `Witchcult Today' is the sludgy 70´s production, as well as the texture and atmosphere that are created from it. The lo-fi guitars will definitely rip through any cheap headphones if the listener is foolish enough to sacrifice them, but obviously in a much different way than black metal style guitars would. The bass is ludicrously overpowering, but just right by Doom Metal's standards, and has a very strange but cool effect on the listener.

This music is truly when horror, magick & mistery become a trance experience that change your life.