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just by this fucker!! - 90%

krozza, November 11th, 2004

By all reports, Electric Wizard was a virtual train wreck after the disastrous US tour of 2002. Bassist Bagshaw and drummer Greening walked upon returning to the UK, leaving core dopester Jus Osborn to pick up the pieces. Kind of a blessing really - with the addition of ex-Iron Monkey skinsman Justin Greaves, bassist Rob Al-Issa and second guitarist Liz Buckingham (ex Sourvein and 13), Electric Wizard Mark II has turned out to be a much stronger and more cohesive unit. The resulting product is ‘We Live’, a simply monstrous ride into the oppressive world of doom metal. Few bands do it as well as this outfit. ‘Dopethrone’ and the ill-fated ‘Let Us Prey’ are undeniable in the establishment of EW as a monolithic doom force. However, I hasten to add that ‘We Live’ might just be their crowning achievement. Maybe it’s because of the tighter musicianship, the thoroughly delivered production and the more accessible, cleaner vocal performance of Jus Osborne. Or just maybe, it’s the improved songwriting and the hint of melody buried under those gargantuan mammoth like riffs that takes ‘We Live’ to unexplored corners of the doom universe. Electric Wizard has this uncanny ability to make their music surge and ooze like an unstoppable lava flow – everything at sloth like speed – but with similarly dramatic and deadly results. ‘We Live’ is a truly inspired sounding doom album – clearly the injection of his new members has born Jus new motivation. Unlike the unpredictable nature of his previous incantation, Electric Wizard is now a fully laden, firing on all cylinders, inexorable doom machine. And quite frankly, ‘We Live’ is as good a doom metal album that you’re likely to hear. Until their next one!