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God is alive, and well in a sugar cube - 80%

Danthrax_Nasty, August 19th, 2005

This album is one long vision in which anger, pain, and "awareness" find a well blended mixture within the tones of this alien hybrid of post 60's, psychodelic, doomed out, rock 'n' roll tinged early Heavy Metal (ecspecially the early British movement which is evident clearly from the sound). Using an epic styling to conjure their particular version of the "turn on, tune in, and drop out" message, this album contains some rather experimental parts, mixed with a classic Doom, Stoner metal feel, and a package thats extremely slick (well the 3rd and 4th tracks are bit rough on the production, but track three is from the "Live 71" 94 demo, and 4 is from a show in Holland 8/96, while tracks 1 and 2 were record 13-15/02/98, and being originally released as "Trip 2" by Bad Acid Records, so one should assume a production difference...).

Heavyness needeth not extreme speed, and such is practiced on this record,... the deepend wails of the bassey tones totally hash out a thick, clouded, dismally grand portrait of their gloomy vision with rough musical wizardry, and a stoned deep pyschadelic feel that exudes classic aspects of its respective style in full on penetration of your psyche (the personification of the soul, by Greek standards). Capturing a cold doomy mood, and atmosphere the songs seemingly drift along, becoming either prefect background music, or for centralizing your thought upon while in extreme intoxication. This may be a 4 song release, but this is 50 some minutes of quality music, all of which is crafted to the stoners taste, so if you like to smoke pot, and dive into a record, this is a good/fine/nice choice, but probably not the greatest. Not an exceptional release, but duly one full of merit, and positive qualities. Easily accessible to fans of early Black Sabbath, and St Vitus, this is a genre epitomizing band, but with a bit more modernization feel to it, adding a good fullness to the sound, and deteriorating nothing from its impact.

I really have nothing bad to say about this release, maybe more songs, but who really wants less music on an album when its good music, and trust me Electric Wizard are a kickass band, and their discography is loaded with good music. Turn to the sun,... and annihilate some brain cells....