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Turn to the Sun - 83%

Cyconik, April 19th, 2010

I can’t even begin to fathom the imagination/state of mind it takes to create something as mind blowing and tripped out as this EP. Electric Wizard have completely encompassed my vision of stoner doom metal in just two songs. Thankfully these songs are pretty long, giving the listener a taste of what the band is all about.

Beginning with a long spacey intro, the title track really packs a punch. All the necessities of a quality Stoner/Doom album ensue; extremely heavy bass, trudging guitars, and everything is sure to have, dare I say, a ‘sufficient’ amount of distortion. About halfway through the song Oborn begins wailing on his guitar and continues to do so for the remainder, but is not over dramatic about it. The guitar doesn’t drown out the rest of the band while still managing to sound incredible. On another note, the vocals are just killer and the emotion just pours from Oborn.

Wizard of Gore opens with an incredibly creepy audio clip; I’d actually love to know where it’s from, or if the band made it themselves. “...let Mr. Silo explain to you our next trick... Dismemberment”. The cries of a torture victim are heard before the song begins. Driven by an almost militant drum intro, incredibly fuzzy subsonic bass sounds out again. The style of riffing and even the tone of the guitars on both of these songs remind me of the ‘70 Black Sabbath self titled; except this time the songs are played with even more sluggishness. The only qualm I have with this EP is the random up tempo part at the end of Wizard of Gore, it just doesn’t seem to fit in quite right and throws off the atmosphere that had been created.

Overall, this release is gloomy, distorted, and goddamn epic. Definitely check it out if you frequently find yourself looking for Stoner/Doom Metal.

Highlights: The whole damned thing.

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