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Electric Wizard is more than just distortion... - 95%

Witchcult_Reverend, July 9th, 2008

I do not understand the complete lack of love for the first Electric Wizard album. I guess too many people have listened to Come My Fanatics and Dopethrone to dismiss this album as second rate doom. On the contrary this is what doom metal is all about. Yes albums previously mentioned are awesome there is no denying it. The clean vocals and straight sounding guitar work is simply perfection by Jus and the boys. This was the first Electric Wizard album I heard from a friend who only likes this album. I knew I was hooked from the opening riff of Stone Magnet.

Every single song is well thought out and plays perfectly from start to finish. There is no excessive amount of feedback, distortion, or other noise to take away from this 47 minute opus. And why should there be? It is great to chart the progress of this band as they are one of my all time favorites but to cast this one off as inferior is complete nonsense.

The highlights are as follows: Stone Magnet (what’s not to love about it – seriously), Behemoth (another solid slab of doom), Mountains of Mars (quite possibly the best 90’s doom metal instrumental – spaced out psychedelic metal at its finest), Devil’s Bride and Mourning Prayer round out the best of the best on this album.

Electric Wizard, Black Butterfly, and the blink you’ll miss it Wooden Pipe round out the rest of the album and it does not disappoint.

Every band has a beginning and Electric Wizard started out in the traditional doom metal vein which is where every metal band is rooted in (Black Sabbath). Listen to it, Love it, and most importantly recommend it.