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Why so misunderstood? - 95%

ProjectileZombies, August 12th, 2009

It may have something to do with this being my first Wizard album. It may have something to do with my love of stoner doom. But fuck this 60 percent shit. I've been listening to this for over a year, and I still do, because it is superb. Superb execution, stellar performance, and overall a true slab of stoner metal art. If I were asked to introduce a metalhead to stoner metal, I would hand them Holy Mountain and this bad ass mother fucker. Ooooooh, the guitar isn't all fuzzy wuzzy like on CMF and Dopethrone! Well, go have a cry. If you're going to let the production, which is pretty damn good, turn you off listening to these brilliant, classic tracks, then you're a fool for it.

When I saw this beast only had one review a little while ago, I took a crack at a review. It never showed up here. Luckily, a positive one showed, but now I feel some fighting must be done. Did you say the drumming was bad? The drumming? Bad? God damn son. It's jizz provoking. From the opening of the classic (The word 'classic' sums this album up so well) Stone Magnet, to the end of, well, Wooden Pipe I guess, I've never gotten bored, I've never needed to complain. The riffs, MY GOD, the riffs are just covered, COVERED in that magic fucking green leaf. But on the subject of drumming, this can be considered a learning tool for how to play stoner doom drums well. I've always liked - Wait, the mega slow end riff to Stone Magnet came on..... Fuck, that's brilliant!

"But look around you, what ya got?
No home no future, no fucking job"

I'm not pointing out some kind of poetic brilliance, it's just incredibly catchy. I sing that part every time I hear it.

As Witchcult_Reverend pointed out, I do not understand the complete lack of love for this album. Well, you want to hear the flaws? The riffs aren't uber creative, and they're repeated. But fuck, I can safely say there are worse riffs on Witchcult Today, and that album is about five times more repetitive than this one. So shut your noise.

Mourning Prayer is actually quite the opposite of this so called flaw, as it is diverse and incredibly good, definitely a good option for 2nd best song on the album. I had to learn how to play this song after hearing it a couple of times, it's very, very good. I want everyone, everyone in the world, to listen to it. I can't even say that about any song on Witchcult, and I think Satanic Rites of Drugula is really good. Mourning Prayer beats that song. I think the best thing for all the Witchcult lovers would be to listen to this album, because you'll find it's a little bit better.

Look, honestly, lyrics aren't incredibly important to me. If they're really good, it improves the song. If they're really bad, they make the song worse. This album contains good, but not amazing lyrics. I think the Wizard has always had good lyrics, and this album isn't an exception.

Behemoth! What can I say. Fucking Behemoth. It's slow, it's heavy (although missing the extreme fuzziness of Dopethrone). My god, it's really good. It tops Mourning Prayer. It's full of so many headbanging, DUN DUN DUN moments. And very good lyrics too, as pointed out before.

The performances are actually really good for british stoners. I like Mark Greening's style, I love Jus' riffing (I mean, this album competes for best classic stoner doom with Holy Mountain. That's a big, but fair call), he really thought of some excellent stuff to do with the fairly recent concept of stoner doom. This album is consistantly slower and a bit more bluesy, and definitely a bit more versatile than Holy Mountain. Yet why do you ask, Sleep's Holy Mountain is praised as a stoner doom classic and this album isn't? The Wizard have never sounded like they do on this album. Never ever ever. People loved CMF and Dopethrone, and when they come back to this, the Wizard they know and love just isn't there.

This album is one of my prized possessions, and a true salute to the spirit of stoner doom. I recommend you listen to it if you like Holy Mountain or if you've never listened to Electric Wizard.