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The Beginning of Greatness... - 77%

IrishDeathgrip, March 11th, 2008

...wasn't really that amazing. I first heard the second full-length by Wizard and loved it immediately. But everyone needs to see the beginning for a band they love, and for me, it wasn't the best experience.

That is not, by any means, to say the album is bad... it's just not that fucking good either. The riffs are low, dropped, and crunchy... but also monotonous on many occasions, and not distorted enough to fit the implications of "mind-crushing heaviness."

Jus Osbourn is an effective singer, and his style will be altered throughout the years, but on this album it can easily be described as "fledgling," because he obviously hasn't yet decided how he wants to sing. Are the vocals bad? No. Are they great? At some points, yes. Are they weak? At more points, yes. The singing is inconsistent a lot of the time, and it's hard to get INTO it.

We've hit the vocals, we've hit the guitars. Let's hit the bass. Oh, wait, nevermind, you don't know there's a bass unless you listen to the instrumental. It's groovy... that's all I can say about the bass on this album, cause there's damn near none of it.

The drums... there's nice little fills, consistent sound. I only have a minor bone with the drums that I must pick... the ride. When he's hitting the ride, it overshadows the rest of... well, everything. The ride will come through your speakers like a blaring reminder of what happens when you neglect a volume knob on your mixing board.

As far as the songs go, there are a couple that stand out... Mountains of Mars is a great little instrumental, and definitely the musical high-point (which stands to reason). Behemoth showcases the best vocal performance on this record, and will not grow tiring. Although its not the strongest song musically, the riffs can hold their own. Finally, the title track... a great song, fairly amusing content, and full of compelling music, from start to finish. Nice little clean segment, with a bluesy little feel to it. All around good one.

I would suggest that no one judge the band solely on this album. For a complete converse check out Dopethrone, but this is still a good buy for anyone's doom catalogue.