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Stoner doom delicacy - 97%

Doominance, October 17th, 2013

I think this is one of Electric Wizard's best releases. I don't get the "average at best" opinions at all, but like they say, "to each their own". In my opinion, this is stoner doom sexiness. Pure stoner fucking doom metal!

Jus Oborn's riffs might be a bit monotonous on this release, but they are heavy, bluesy, and most importantly; catchy. Another thing is that you won't hear the fuzziness you'll hear on later albums, but this isn't a bad thing at all. The riffs on this album wouldn't work as well with the same sound as the riffs you'll find on releases such as Come My Fanatics... and Dopethrone.

Electric Wizard's opus proves us that Jus Oborn is more than a capable vocalist and lyricist. Here, you will find some of the wizard's finest moments when you think of vocals and lyrics. But Jus Oborn alone doesn't make this album as good as it is. The rhythm section is most excellent! Mark Greening's drumming is what true stoner drumming should sound like - tight as a nun's cunt. Tim Bagshaw's basslines are solid and work well with Greening's drums, and at the same time, complementing Oborn's guitar work.

Like I said earlier, the riffs aren't the most creative ones, but they're damn strong. As soon as Stone Magnet starts playing, you're hooked. While Stone Magnet is a good song, it's not as good as what you'll find later on. In fact, this album just gets better further you travel into it. What truly stands out in this release of hazy riffage is Mountain of Mars. This is a very trippy psychedelic instrumental song which takes you on a journey through the vast cosmos. Black Butterfly is one of my favourite songs by Electric Wizard and is definitely a strong point in this release. It's a bit more diverse than the rest of the songs. It's the "doomiest" song, in my opinion. The lyrics are great, main riff is good and it features a decent solo followed by a fast bit, working as a breath of fresh air.

I don't know why this album isn't rated higher by fans of this music genre. I think it's very overlooked and perhaps overshadowed by Sleep's Holy Mountain. I think Electric Wizard's opus is as good as Sleep's Holy Mountain. While Black Sabbath's Master of Reality might have been the first true stoner metal album, the genre itself didn't grow popular until bands such as Kyuss, Sleep and indeed Electric Wizard released albums such as Blues For The Red Sun, Holy Mountain and Electric Wizard in the 1990s; over two decades after Master of Reality's release in 1971.

If you're just getting into Electric Wizard, you've probably listened to songs off Dopethrone and Witchcult Today, maybe even Come My Fanatics..., but by all means, don't leave this album out. This is a great, great album!

To me, this is one of Electric Wizard's best, and one of the best within the stoner doom genre, so for that, I give this amazing album a score of 97%.