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Dopethrone, vision through T.H.C - 93%

hermanator05, December 13th, 2005

This album kicks the shit out of you and is really quite brilliant. This is probably the band's most well known release but maybe not the best, with the band's 2004 follow-up "We Live" being about just as good, if not better. Continuing with the spaced-out, stoner sound they fully developed on 1997's "Come My Fanatics...", the band couples this with a decidedly old-school doom metal touch that harkens back to the days of classic "Master of Reality" Black Sabbath. All the makings of a doom masterpiece are here: riffs collosal enough to destroy your home, a very thick and heavy low-end, pummeling, tribal-sounding drums and enough cool ideas to keep the whole thing interesting for the album's tripped out hour duration.

"Vinum Sabbathi" is one of the shorter numbers on here and makes a good opening cut. The song opens with some sample from whatever obscure, cult movie and soon introduces a nice catchy riff that does a good job of carrying the whole song. That combined with Jus Oborn's ethereal vocal delivery create the most "stoner" sounding song on the album. "Funeralopolis" follows and is hands down the best fucking track on here. Opening with a simple riff that soon develops into a fucking MONSTER, heavy as fuck and demolishing everything in its way. The song then reaches about midway before it decides to change riffs quite dramatically to a speedy (relatively) section where the song's intensity just goes through the roof and doesn't stop until Jus stops shrieking "nuclear warheads..." and the song draws to a noisy close. The "Weird Tales" track is a fifteen minute epic that opens in the style we've been accustomed to by the last two cuts but soon adopts a more atmospheric, spacey, tripped-out approach, not far removed from the likes of Neurosis (as another review mentioned), but thankfully with the good ol' Wizard sound we all love left intact. The song goes through a lot of phases and most of them kick ass in their own right. "Barbarian" is next up and continues in the vein of "Funeralopolis" except sounding a bit more restrained and not as insane as that track...but it's about twice as fucking heavy! Speaking of fucking heavy, "I, The Witchfinder" has one of the most menacing riffs I've ever heard before in my life. The song may be a bit overlong, but the atmosphere of this song manages to capture my interest for most of the track's eleven minute duration. "The Hills Have Eyes" is a more bluesy guitar-oriented track that manages to be cool as hell without sounding like anything else on the album. It's under a minute, but is still a worthy enough listen to prepare you for the next two: the rather heavy but semi-indistinguishable "We Hate You" and the amazing self-titled collosal closing track that rivals any previous track for the distinction of heaviest.

Reccomended to fans of Neurosis, Sleep and Orange Goblin. Buy this or I'll beat the living shit out of you.