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Impressive album. - 85%

caspian, September 29th, 2005

The stoner genre can be extremely good and very bad. When it's done well, it's hard to beat the cool laid back riffs and drumming, the stoned vocals, and the whole loose vibe that surrounds it. When it's done bad however, it's incoherent, really stupid and just plain annoying.

Luckily, Electric Wizard are good. Vinum Sabbathi is a great opener and a good indication of whats too come. The riffs are just piled on top of each other.. Riff after great riff just coming at you. The riffs are all laid back and very bluesy, but there's still plenty of variety in the songs too keep you coming back for more. While Electric Wizard are happy to rock out for the most parts, some of the best parts are when they strip their sound back, creating a kind of wandering open space, kind of similar to Isis and Cult of Luna. That kind of sparse instrumental stuff is only used in a few places, but always to excellent effect, like in the epic Weird Tales/Electric Frost/Golgotha/Altar of Mektaus.

The rythym section is very good in this album. The drums are very simple, but they do their job very well. That would be a big part of what makes this album great, the drumming. The bass is turned up very loud (as you'd expect) and like the drumming, it's content to sit in the background, doubling the guitar lines for the most part. SO it's unobtrusive and fairly braindead, but hey.. this is a stoner rock band, what would you expect?

So all in all, we have a pretty damn good album. The vocals are fairly annoying, bu they're not the focal point of this band. The rythym section is laid back and heavy, and the riffs are heavy then a really heavy thing. Fans of stoner rock should check out this album.