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The Wizard in Black Reveals the Sign... - 92%

unclevladistav, July 1st, 2008

The name "Electric Wizard" has become one with good doom metal. My first album by them was Witchcult Today. After I heard that, I was immediately hooked. Electric Wizard combined crushingly heavy, brutally slow riffs, with eerie, hollow vocals. "How could it get better?", I thought.

I had just discovered the "doom" sub-genre of metal, and was ready for more. From Witchcult Today, I purchased another Electric Wizard album, "Come My Fanatics...". I think I'll start by saying this: Come My Fanatics... is better than Witchcult Today, and that is an accomplishment in itself.

Come My Fanatics... is still the same thing. Tuned down guitars, horror themes, and long, slow songs.

I just feel that Come My Fanatics... showcases the style better.

So, what is this album, this true definition of doom? A must listen...

Come My Fanatics... opens with a wall of a fuzzy, down-tuned riff. Nearly three minutes in, the Wizard showcases their originality (and odd sense of humor) with a sample of someone yelling, "Get off my case, motherfucker!". Twenty seconds later, Jus Oborn's vocals enter, demonstrating his hollow, eery vocals. Another highlight throughout the album that must me mentioned are the outstanding lyrics:

"We left the war pigs far behind
Plot apocalyptic course to find
Will we ever reach our journey's end
To find a world and start again"

"War Pigs" isn't a very common phrase, providing more evidence of the Wizard's inspiration from Black Sabbath. In fact, many riffs (and lyrics) throughout feel like they could be straight off of "Master of Reality". Great songwriting, with lyrics that remain doomy and apocolyptic, yet poetic. In short, buy this album, and let the Doom wash over you...

Scoring (Pros)-
+Lyrics wonderfully written
+Great guitar tone, Sabbath-esque riffs
+Vocals fit, and provide to the atmosphere of the music
+Drumming is simple, yet necessary