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The Wizard's best, and a hallmark of the genre. - 100%

Totenkopf, April 9th, 2008

"Where to begin?" is the ultimate review cliche, but I'm really not sure where i should start. Electric Wizard developed their trademark sound on this album. They went from great, super-heavy, Sabbath worship, to a their own truly unique and bizarre brand of stoner doom.

The sound of this album goes beyond mere riffs, drum beats, and vocals. The use of heavy distortion, effects, processors, samples, sound effects, and ambient noise turn the songs into hazy cacophonies of swirling, fuzzy madness. The atmosphere is absolutely amazing... the room seems to fill with a thick fog when you put this album on. It's just so... full, in the best possible way.

The entire album is really non-stop awesomeness from start to finish. I'm normally not a fan of "track by track" reviews, but I feel that a brief description of each song will help a potential listener understand the journey that this album takes you on. You are immediately crushed by the staggering heaviness when the opening riff behemoth "Return Trip" kicks into gear. The grooving stoner rock masterpiece "Wizard In Black" changes is up a bit and carries you over the bridge into the mind-bending psychedelia of "Doom-mantia". The cosmic soundscape of the bass solo "Ivixor B/Phase Inducer" trails off into bizarre, minimalistic ambiance. This is sets up for the crushing, trudging, monstrosity that is "Son of Nothing". The closing track "Solarian 13" is a zone-out instrumental full of killer riffs and solos.

It seems to be the general consensus that "Dopethrone" is the Wizard's best work, but I have to disagree. I will defend "Come My Fanatics" as Electric Wizard's finest album 'til death. It is absolutely essential for anyone even remotely into doom metal.