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El Wiz's Teenage Years - 99%

The SHM, February 19th, 2012

It comes in like a lion and goes out like a demon. This is Come My Fanatics.... Some argue that it's the heaviest album of the '90s, and I even agree. Electric Wizard is a weird band in that they are among the heaviest bands in the world, and they don't use double bass pedals or guttural vocals (anymore, if you don't count the Pre-Electric Wizard band, Thy Grief Eternal) but actually sound like Black Sabbath. Run that through your head for but a second, and, after a few more beyond that, it winds up nearly shocking you to death.

Just like Come My Fanatics.... The riffs are utterly explosive, Sabbath-stolen, and there is little vocal talent beyond stoned screaming. If you're an angsty 14 year old who's tired of being called emo and tired of random grindcore, then this album is for you. It will open you up to the world of sludge doom, just as Return Trip opens up this acid trip of unholy proportions.

May I add that Return Trip may be worthy of its name- some parts harken back to the first album, Electric Wizard. Nevertheless, it's a fine opener, and sure to redefine your definition of "heavy" metal. Perhaps the most amazing song on it all is, without question, Son of Nothing. Boasting riffs heavier than a black hole, this one actually gets **fast** towards the end. In fact, it's such a 2+2=5 event, your whole world shakes. Brace yourself, things get too heavy for even the Big Man Below to handle.

This is before Electric Wizard really came of age, however, and, thus, had a whole world to gain and nothing to lose. Come My Fanatics.... sounds desperately different from Electric Wizard and Dopethrone, so don't expect to buy all three and hear the same level of heaviness. Evolution, for El Wiz, occurred quickly. Distortion rules here. Doomantia actually tends to creep you out, and I will advise you now- do not listen to Return Trip's ending if you are: stoned; alone in the dark; high; scared of Satan; hate heavy metal. In fact, if you even smile, this album isn't for you. The utter blackness and despair Electric Wizard only dream of pushing on you in later albums comes out spontaneously in this most unholy mountain of metal.

You will be made a lowly bitch to this album. Complain, and face the consequences. Buy at all costs.