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SetAbominae6, May 23rd, 2012

Before one begins reading this review and understanding the music referred to, the reader must understand two things.

1. Electric Wizard are not from Earth. They smoke their weed in Space, above all and observing all. They are omnipresent, as well as omniscient. They are the heaviest band in the universe.

2. Listening to their music may result in [but is not limited to] psychedelic experiences/effects, sudden intense urges to turn up the volume, deranged thinking, one's perception of time being literally "thrown off", and/or spacing out. Electric Wizard's music will essentially make a mortal human have the sensation of "tripping out" [LSD, Shrooms, DMT, etc] while listening in. This second point can be said especially about their album "Come My Fanatics..."

"CMF..." is not only my favorite album by Electric Wizard, but I consider it the cornerstone of all that is heavy. It is not only heavy in the consistency of heavy metal; its sound cannot be described in mere words. Imagine your ear drums being pummeled with bongrips of steel. Acid blotters from space ripping literal holes in your brain. Your mind literally being blown by how musically precise this group of trippers are when they play & record. If "Return Trip" doesn't get you right from the getgo, turn off the album. No seriously, turn it off. This shit isn't for you. Your spirit just isn't powerful enough to handle the next two tracks. ESPECIALLY if you got scared by that climatic riff at the end [6:28-end]. "Wizard in Black" will turn your brain inside out, make you look inside up and backwards at it, stuff it back inside your skull and sew your head closed. Oh, and they left you some amazing Indica from Saturn, it's over on the living room table.

"The wizard in black reveals the sign
The chosen are ready
Destiny realigns
Eye of ultra soul
Together we join
Alone again,
Once again - into the void*!"

*Note the Sabbath reference

You see now, that their sound can't just be described as heavy. It is thick, thick as a heavy fog, and as you wander through this heavy sound, Jus Oborn shouts at you through the distance, calling out to you, leading the way to his portal of darkness to the depths of space. Enter Tim Bagshaw, and "Doom-Mantia." His groovy bass lines almost put you into a hypnotic trance as the guitar and drums bounce along. Surely, your mind must be breaking at this point. "How can a band be so heavy," you say. "How can this exist?" For the answer to this and more, please refer to the first intro point in this review.

"Ivixor B/Phase Inducer" is a two minute jam track and then essentially sounds and odd fucking around with amplifiers, but its interesting to say the least. Think Sabbath's "FX" but much, much longer, and not just simple sound effects. These are echoing from the tunnels of Bongopolis. Heavy bong rips can be heard in the background [or is that just my own head?]

The album peaks at "Son of Nothing". Mark Greening is about to blow your mind. The intro/main riff of this song will literally rip through your mind like a chainsaw. I still to this day will never be able to fathom how Jus Oborn can keep this band alive and functioning, let alone make a listenable record [though I can't say I enjoyed Black Mass.] The whooping sound is not just in your head.

[whoop whoop whoop]
[whoop whoop whoop]

Yeah, it's a little irritating but it flows well with the song. I actually enjoy that noise. Makes my head feel like its expanding. "Solarian 13" is another prime example of Tim Bagshaw's heavy bass riffing coupled with immense guitar flowing in and around it. The drums just flow on this album, as if they were timed perfectly, just right. The two bonus tracks, "Demon Lung" and "Return to the Son of Nothingness" are worth paying the extra 2-4 bucks, even if the latter is just a rehash of "Son of Nothingness." Electric Wizard proved themselves on this record. Ridiculous amounts of doom & gloom, mind shattering riffs and immense power from within the soul.

You know, it's about time I did this.

"In one of the countless billions of galaxies in the universe lies a medium-sized star. And one of its' satellites, a green and insignificant planet, is now dead."