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Cosmic Eye... - 89%

Danthrax_Nasty, August 21st, 2005

From a "Return Trip" beginning, to a "Solarian 13" exit, what we've got here is yet another fine piece of modernized, stoner, doom Metal from a pretty damn consistant band. As far as consistant, this band's sound hasnt grown emmensely, or changed that drasticly over the years, which for them, and alot of bands, is a good thing as you learn to harness your style, keep to your roots, and give the fanatical fans what they love. Being said, I must also note: dont expect alot of change on here, different riffs, slightly differing tempos, and an assortment of ideas yes, but generally the same production qualities as far as vocals, guitars, and drums are concerned is extremely simmiliar through out. Which is not a bad thing by the way, just what they do, and a part of the style of music they play. Abstract variety is tossed in by the way (listen to track 4 all the way through), its just only in certain smaller parts, yet does also give the music a very modern feel (which can be a bad thing to some people, but I like what they've done).

I'd say this is a pretty cool album to pick up, as the cd version I got comes as a double disc with the self titled, so for all fans not currently owning either, I'd suggest picking it up, or to any body interested in getting one of the bands albums, this is a good choice, and provides many songs by which to judge the band for yourself. Recorded in July of 1996, the lineup on this one consisted of Tim Bagshaw, Jus Oborn, and Mark Greening,... it was recorded at Red Dog Studios.

The music has a straight forward blues bassed form, with a bit of psychodelic influence, some drone, a heavy metal lean, and a loose hard rock jam feel. Overall, very enjoyable if that would be the type of music that would appeal to you. The song titles are cool (Son Of Nothing (cool lyrics also), Wizard In Black), and I must give my praise to the art work as well (the stag pic with the hooka rules). Probably accessable to fans of early Heavy Metal, bluesy old school hard rock, NWOBHM, modern Heavy Metal, Stoner Metal (probably most stoners regardless), Doom Metal, etc.