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File under: True British Space Doom - 70%

oulamies, November 11th, 2017

Electric Wizard's 17-minute post-Fanatics mind-melter Chrono.naut starts with a good old plastic bottle bong rip, either as a reminder of what the listener should do right now, or as a disclaimer that yes, we are going high in this one!

And as one might foresee, the subject matter of Chrono.naut is indeed an uninventive lot of Iron Man/Into the Void space-time pap, but in an admittedly fun way. Along with the relatively lively, spaced-out sound, this feature that shows this is Wizard in its most playful. Lightyears (out in space) away from the nihilism of Dopethrone, or even the Supercoven EP!

While the first phase of the track relies on heavy Sabbath-worship (they even seem to rip off one of their own songs, Son of Nothing, from the previous album), "Chaos Revealed" drifts into a moody stoner jam with a lot of Hawkwind and Monster Magnet influences. Tim's bass communicates well with layers of Jus' psychedelic guitar sounds and occasional trippy vocal sections that might be Oborn in his most melodic...

This is definitely a nice track in the Wizard catalogue. It's their trademark heavy psychedelic doom, but without the horror and bad trip touches that dominate their current output. A great blend of Sabbath/Hawkwind worship, if not too original or musically astounding.