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Experiment with genre, mood didn't work out - 60%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, January 10th, 2013

Released as a single with two different parts, one a conventional Sabbath-influenced doom metal song, the other a retro-psychedelic alternate version, "Chrono.Naut" is standard Electric Wizard retro-doom / psychedelic material. The first part is EW at their most commercial: it hinges on a catchy Sabbath-influenced riff, thick and bassy in sound and texture, and a groovy rhythm. The drumming is basic and the singing doesn't sound all that enthusiastic either. In its last couple of minutes, the music adopts a slower, slinkier rhythm and goes a bit chuggier but that's all there is to it. Not the most promising of beginnings, I'm afraid.

The second part of "Chrono.Naut" is a more psychedelic and stoned-out piece with watery, flubby lead guitar raindrop tones and bleached, zonked-out vocals. The slightly distorted riffing and the bass melody are pleasant and easy on the ear. Altogether this is a nice relaxing piece of music, rather too fast for its sunny setting in its first half, before halting about the 12th minute as if undecided where to go next. Uh, the music stays undecided for the rest of the song: this must be the "spacey ambient" part of the song. This just goes on for too long and loses any momentum that was built up earlier.

Chop the last five minutes of this second psychedelic / ambient part of "Chrono.Naut" for a start and unify what's left of it with the first doom metal part, bang a new coda that combines both the doom metal and psychedelic elements onto the end, and we would have a much improved track. I appreciate though that on "Chrono.Naut", EW were experimenting with different ways of delivering a song as an exercise in understanding how choice of genre influences its mood and ambience but sometimes songs might need a little more time to stew over and refine before they're unleashed on the public.