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Doom, ambient, sludge, blues, psychedelic mush - 79%

IrishDeathgrip, March 11th, 2008

As I hear this song ending, I realize that I've yet to be extremely impressed. I enjoy the final section fairly well, but only because it's that vibrant, ambient sound that Wizard is well-known for interjecting here and there in records.

This is one song that didn't deserve to be 17 minutes. The beginning is a rough, slightly uptempo (for them, anyway) section, with fairly decent riffage and vocals. As the song moves on, it becomes hard to keep up with. There are plenty of great parts, but it seems there are two good parts, and one really awful part... sadly this happens a couple of times before reaching the aforementioned ambient exit.

The first part that isn't so great happens around 4:30 in. It begins to fall apart, and turn into one of those doom songs that seems to thrive on being 'slow and messy,' but it comes off as forced and irrational. Then later there is a part that involves chords played into a phaser, funk-style... but with the standard Wizard drums... the worst thing this band has ever done.

All aformentioned bullshit aside, there are a few notably heavy riffs, and some nice musical breaks. The vocals have improved since the first album, although still not at the great level they will reach on 'Come My Fanatics...' I like the song, but I rarely listen to it because the sandwiched shitty parts are huge, where as the bookending greatness is too far apart to access.

A must-have for a huge fan, but I'd steer clear unless you find it on sale for very cheap.