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Another Stoner Epic - 40%

DawnoftheShred, April 22nd, 2009

There’s a reason that stoner metal is called stoner metal: the bands just seem to worship the weed. Ever since Black Sabbath set the precedent with their iconic “Sweet Leaf,” many of their devoted followers have set about erecting massive musical monuments to their beloved herb, such as Sleep’s “Jerusalem,’ the entire recorded works of Cephalic Carnage, and this, Electric Wizard’s “Chrononaut.” However it is worth noting that while almost every succeeding tribute is grander than Sabbath’s humble offering, none have even remotely approached it in terms of quality per length.

“Chrononaut” is no exception. What we get here is seventeen minutes of unabashedly low-fi stoner anachronisms with the bass-heavy crunch and tone-deaf vocals we’ve come to expect from the Electric Wizard. The first bit is completely typical Sleep-style doom metal, but at about the seven-minute mark the band starts up a mellow, wah-inflected groove that they ride until track’s end. This part is pretty cool, except that there is ten minutes of it, where four or five would have done quite nicely. The previous reviewer summed it up: it’s a good track, but didn’t deserve to be dragged to the extent that “Chrononaut” evidently was.

Apparently there’s something about weed-smoking that makes you crave really long songs, almost as much as whatever incidental munchables you can procure. Call me old-fashioned, but I feel that you should be able to enjoy music while sober. If you wish to enhance the experience with a little ‘something,’ that’s your business, but the music itself should be intoxicating. It shouldn’t be so dull that the ONLY way you can enjoy it is with the help of psychedelic drugs. This is something that too many doom and stoner metal bands are guilty of these days. And with Chrononaut being the bore that it is, Electric Wizard can be added to the list.