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Wisdom to merge disparate genres encouraged - 80%

slayrrr666, January 26th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Revalve Records

The debut full-length from Italian death/power metallers Elarmir offers a pretty intriguing and enjoyable mixture between these two styles which is quite well-rounded here. Taking plenty of cues from a melodic death metal base, this one offers plenty of tight, synchronized chug riffs that contain the energy and aggression of true death metal work with plenty of melodic undertones which offers a rather modern touch to the proceedings here as this one really lets those rhythms fly freely throughout here. This here keeps the music pretty streamlined and straightforward for the most part, offering tight mid-tempo chugging-fueled rhythms during the death metal sections while managing to mix in symphonic power metal as well into the soundscape. This here is of much better use as the Gothic-tinged material is much more interesting than the mild, mid-tempo chugging that isn’t very interesting or all that unique, offering a pretty creative use of the operative female vocals overtime the more aggressive-sounding material yet still this one is a pretty tame effort as these two styles really don’t mesh together all that well. While granting them a little bit of leeway here being a debut, the mid-tempo chugging overlaid with operatic female vocals and weak male growls doesn’t offer much of a coherent mixture here with the material being way too slow to get things going, easily prompting a far greater sense of energy to really sell this somewhat odd merger between these styles. So while there’s room to grow, it’s got enough worthwhile here to allow them the grace-period to find it.

The first half here is a prime example of what to expect overall with this one. Intro ‘Inert Insanity’ features a faded intro into a specialized chug rhythm with a mid-tempo crunch featuring the stuttering chug-riffs through frantic blastbeats and tight grooves with the vocal change-over into the harsher death metal growls alongside the operatic wailing with the chugging grooves into the finale for an overall enjoyable start to this. Likewise, the similar ‘Thorns’ offers blistering swirling riff-work and tight razor-wire rhythms chugging along at a mid-tempo pace with stuttering main patterns alongside the symphonic waves washing over the mid-section work with plenty of tight chugging following into the progressive-laden final half for another enjoyable effort. ‘Perversion’ offers churning rhythms and a dynamic mid-tempo chug series of riffs against the clashing symphonic notes clanging in the background that drops off for more vigorous progressive riffing for the solo section leading into the restrained symphonic passages in the finale for an alarming proof of their clashing styles firsthand. ‘Dish of Pain’ uses discordant riffing that settles into the tight mid-tempo chugging with syncopated rhythms throughout the main section as the stuttering operatic patterns charge through into symphonic-driven mid-tempo riffs and driving rhythm work in the final half for a much better track overall.

The second half here is a really enjoyable and worthwhile part of the album here. ‘Ante Thronum’ features blistering riff-work and charging rhythms with the stuttering patterns taking urgent and frantic rhythms alongside the furious tempos as the operatic washes over the grandiose raging patterns taking the over-the-top rhythms along into the strong finale for the album’s clear highlight and best overall use of their mixtures coming together nicely. Likewise, ‘False Myths’ runs through blistering up-tempo chugging rhythms and ravenous syncopated symphonic waves with the pounding rhythms settling off into a melodic round of orchestral waves with the chugging riffs throughout churning along to the grandiose symphonic blazing through the final half for another overall strong highlight. The title track opens with blistering chugging rhythms and pounding drumming alongside the operatic wailing as the frantic riff-work charges through more frantic and exciting blasting sections with the mid-tempo chugging alongside the operatic washes carrying through the frantic finale for a fun effort if just not as impressive as the previous tracks. Lastly, instrumental closer ‘Renaissance’ offers a twindling guitar riff and sampled wind for a melancholic feel throughout as the relaxing, calming energy serves as a nice break against the assault from the rest of the tracks that slowly whips on through its relaxing final half for a nice break to end this one on a fine note.

While this one certainly has some problematic areas here with this seemingly odd mixture of melodic death metal and operative symphonic power metal, the band is still young enough that a slight pass is given for this uncomfortable feeling especially when there’s some exciting promise within this that hints at their growth in the future and allows this to certainly be worthwhile for the curious and adventurous looking for something else beyond the rudimentary examples of either genre.