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Icky and nasty - 74%

Westvargr, September 29th, 2011

"Wundwasser" by the German band Eisregen is pretty much the connector of their early black metal sound and their latter more unique approach to the genre. I, personally, consider it their strongest effort up to date.

The lyrics of the album are basically a collection of morbid short stories (mostly about murder) with utterly vulgar phrasing, which are underlined by the extremely disgusting vocal style. It is mostly a mixture of filthy but understandable rasping, some grunting and unusual clean singing. In fact, I can't think of any other vocalist with a similar voice. And it couldn't suit the music any better: When you hear Blutkehle, you will definitely imagine a damn nasty person you'd better steer clear of. Partially, the lyrics are rather cheesy, but it actually doesn't affect them in a negative way and instead adds a certain aesthetic to the overall sound.

The sound of the instrumentals could be described as some sort of "dark metal". It ain't really black metal, though it's close to it. Also, it doesn't really fit into the general overall tone of that style. Some songs have a clearly recognizable death metal sound, while others might actually seem as if they were influenced by folk- or even gothic metal without slipping into the boundaries of these genres. Both keyboard and violin were used to shove in some melodies that strenghten the feeling of an unique musical experience. Still, all the elements aren't odd, but merge into one style.

My favourite songs of the release are the perfect opener "Mein Eichensarg", which is a sort of melodramatical and cynical funeral song about self-elimination, the psychopathic and catchy "Blutgeil", which will directly infuse your ears and always makes me want to screech along, and the hilariously sick, melodic closing song "Wundwasser".

In summary, it can be stated that Eisregen have created one of a kind and anyone into unique listening experiences and dirty, violent stories should give it at least a spin or two.