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The most perverted thing since Ilsa. - 90%

Shadespawn, October 7th, 2008

When it comes to perverted, crazy and absurd art, movies or music, you have to leave it to the Germans to create highlights in every genre and push the boundaries a little bit further than they were before. You got GGG, for example and other really nasty stuff on the Internet, for example. Not to mention the atrocities that may happen all over the world, but some particular events really keep the world sweating. You have the commencement of 2 World Wars or cannibalism in the new millennium. The Germans have it all! Also, a lot of strange personalities with a vast variety of paraphilias can also be found in central Europe's land of the beer and lederhosen. Aside from that part, Eisregen has always been one of Germany's most morbid and brutal acts in the music scene. Krebskolonie is one of those albums that have managed to get itself banned in Germany. Not only that it's on the index (meaning it isn't allowed to be distributed in any way), it was also confiscated and they received a ban, hindering the live performance of any of their songs on the album. Now as that may sound very appealing for some, it also is very offending for others, that do not understand sarcasm and/or have a very bad sense of humor.

Krebskolonie (Cancer Colony or jokingly translated "Crab Colony", for Krebs can mean both) is a kind of concept album describing various post-apocalyptic sceneries around a fictional protagonist, that is somewhat of an observer at start, merging deeper and deeper into the incidents of the upcoming story. He begins narrating in the first person, ranging from very detailed and graphic scenes of gore, such as how a village succumbs to the plague, how a person peels the skin off another, how prostitutes can be reduced to simply pig food and so on. A very morbid concept. The content of the lyrics is overall comparable to those of Cannibal Corpse, but not as stupid and blunt, and with a very good "poetic" character.

The album starts off with the sound of pouring rain with deep thunder raging in the background. After a while a loud, very penetrant warning siren kicks in, marking the introduction and beginning of the album and events to come. After about 2 minutes of that really disturbing intro, a soft, clean guitar part awakes the attention of the listener, followed by screeches of the vocalist. The siren keeps on going as drums and heavy guitar riffs pound the listener directly into the action. The track progresses in a similar way to the others on the album, with a clearly laid out song pattern. Verse followed by a bridge here and there, chorus, verse and so on. Do not have any misconceptions, since the parts themselves always have small variation in form of a violin line or minimalistic synths/keyboards soothingly accompanying the heavy down tuned seven-string-guitar here and there.

Yantit's drum assaults fill in with the catastrophic atmosphere very well, pummeling everything in its path. The drum work varies nicely between fast semiquaver and eights on high-hat or ride cymbal on occasion and ferocious blast beats. A march beat here and there also adds to the colorful variety presented on this album. Technically Yantit's drumming is fairly impressive, although the drums really sound dirty here. Aditionally, there really are a lot of great ideas brought onto this album, some which you have most certainly never heard before. And that's what makes this band and especially this album so damn interesting. Going from slow, melodic songs about venturing through the snow of a plague-infested town or fast paced perverted songs which really reflect the band's weakness for horror and gore themes.

The special edition of this album also comes with the neat "Fleischhaus" EP, which also has a good selection of remixed and other versions of songs. Some are a bit industrial-infused, such as "Zeit zu spielen" which sounds like a morbid version of an 80s pop song. "Scharlachrotes Kleid 2" is a remixed and shortened version of the original, that is a little bit heavier, reducing the time it takes for it to reach its climax. Overall this is a great CD that should be in the collection of every fan of extreme metal. And if you understand German, it greatly increases the consumption.